The Utah District was organized March 24, 1919, at Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City appointed Alexander Eberhardt to act as governor. The Executive Committee of the International Board added Idaho to the territory of the district on November 27, 1920. The Utah-Idaho District came into existence as of December 16 of the same year. By mutual agreement, ratified by the International Board, the panhandle of Idaho consisting of ten counties north of the Salmon River was added to the Pacific Northwest District in July of 1925. The Utah-Idaho District’s first convention was in Salt Lake City on December 16, 1920. At that session, Herbert Van Damn, Jr. was elected governor at a convention in his home city. The first club in the district was Salt Lake City, completed October 10, 1918. The second club was Pocatello, Idaho, on August 5, 1920, and the third club was Boise, Idaho on August 10, 1920.