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                      Message from the District Governor

Wesley F. Sine

Message From 
Wesley F. Sine, 2015 - 2016 Utah/Idaho District Governor

We Are the Kiwanis Family!

I am a Kiwanian.  I have been a Kiwanian for 40 plus years and have enjoyed every minute of it.  Of all the experiences in life that I have had the pleasure of, Kiwanis ranks number 3 after God and Family and ahead of work.

          What does it mean to be a member of Utah Idaho District of Kiwanis International?  It means that many hands make light work of great programs.  I think of the iodine deficiency program where the intellectual level of Third World Children was raised 20%.  According to the World Health Organization, the greatest Health effort ever attempted.  Then there is the program to eradicate maternal neo-natal tetanus from Third World Countries.  This is the program that Kiwanis International, you and I, are involved in.  The Utah Idaho District came forward and pledged their hard earned monies to rid the Third World Countries of this dreaded ailment.  We are doing that right now.  Yes, we have to raise additional funds, but we can do it.  You and I can do it.  We just have to put our shoulder to the wheel and push along.

          I am so proud to be a part of the Utah Idaho Kiwanis Family.  There are no better people in the World than those found in Utah and Idaho who have dedicated themselves to further the Work of Kiwanis, to save the Children of the World by serving them, One Child at a Time.  We serve them with special programs geared to our areas and with giving them the opportunity to be a part of K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, and Circle K; thus allowing them to learn leadership skills.  (A BYU study found that young people who had been involved in Clubs and Sports, had a greater chance for success after they graduated from school.)  We serve the young people of our District by allowing them to be recognized with awards such as Hope of America for Sixth Graders, Freedom Leadership for those graduating from Middle School, and by awarding their teachers with the Teacher of the Year Award.

          My greatest frustration has been in bringing more adults to Kiwanis to serve the tremendous need in our communities.  We have approximately 1200 members in the Utah Idaho District but need 2400 members to furnish all the needs out there.  That means if each of us would bring in one new member, we could do twice the work to save and serve the Children of our District.  Please take the challenge and bring your close friends into your Clubs.  Let them share the burden of saving those children of our District that are crying for help.

          I have been your Governor for only three months.  No Governor can do the job alone.  He must have the help of the District Members to move forward.  We must move from our complacency and stretch to do more: to help more children and their teachers, to involve more friends in Kiwanis, and to make a greater difference in our District.  For those of you that would like to be a part of the District, contact me, your Lt. Governor, or the Club President.  We need your help to meet the need.

          Thank you my good friends and my Kiwanis Family.  I am so proud of all that you do and all that is good that you represent.  Your Officers and Lt. Governors are meeting Monthly to serve you better.  We are stretching to do more.  Come join us in our crusade.

Your Governor, Wesley Sine

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